The Silk Villa saga

Tabea Bach has once again written an international bestseller! During a visit to Asenza in Veneto, Angela is struck by the impending demise of the last traditional silk weaving mill in the town. She has no idea that her own fate is tied to this mysterious silk villa - even when she meets its ancient owner. And then there is this man who sets her heart aflutter. And yet she was only trying to recover from a personal stroke of fate - or can she already allow herself to fall in love again? With the Seidenvilla saga, Tabea Bach underpins her reputation as a globally acclaimed romance author.

Volume 1

The Silk Villa

After a severe stroke of fate, Angela accepts her aunt's invitation to visit her in Asenza in Veneto. But the time away takes a surprising turn when the "silk villa", the last traditional silk weaving mill in the village, is on the verge of closing down. Angela begins to make plans with her aunt to save the silk villa. The owner would sell Angela the weaving mill, but there are a few conditions attached. And then she unexpectedly meets a man with whom she falls in love at first sight ... But is she ready for a fresh start in Italy and a new love?

Volume 2

In the splendor of the silk villa

Angela is happy: she has a wonderful partner in Vittorio and the weaving mill is in the black. But the success of the silk villa is shaken when an unknown competitor suddenly appears. As if that wasn't enough, Angela is met with great disapproval from Vittorio's mother. She would obviously rather have the attractive architect Tiziana as her daughter-in-law, with whom Vittorio used to be very close. Tiziana and Vittorio soon find themselves working together on a surprising number of commissions, and he spends more time at Tiziana's side than with Angela. Can Angela save the silk villa and fight for the love of her life at the same time?

Volume 3

The legacy of the silk villa

There is happiness on all sides at the Silk Villa. Angela and Vittorio are planning their wedding, and Nathalie's little son is the sunshine in the Silk Villa. But suddenly clouds gather: Vittorio's son returns to Italy and reproaches his father bitterly. It also proves to be a dramatic mistake that Lorenzo has not yet officially recognized Angela as his daughter. Relatives of his first wife are laying claim to the silk villa. Angela and her family are in danger of losing the silk weaving mill and their home ...

Volume 4

Christmas in the Silk Villa

This Christmas will be a very special one at the Silk Villa, as Nathalie and Amadeo are getting married. The preparations are in full swing. However, the air is thick between the bride and groom, as Amadeo receives a phone call from his former childhood sweetheart the day before the wedding and hurries off to Venice. The fact that Nathalie's mother Angela accompanies him to bring silk scarves to the Christmas market stall hardly reassures Nathalie. But then everything turns out quite differently than expected ...


looks smooth, has a slight sheen and, depending on the incidence of light, shows an unmistakable contrast of light and dark. Depending on how they are woven, taffeta fabrics can appear stiff and are ideal for draping.


is a very elegant, softly flowing and high-gloss fabric made from very fine
fine yarn with an even higher density. Its surface is extremely smooth and has a wonderful sheen, while the reverse side is matt. Satin is often used for silk bed linen and lingerie, for example.


is a thin and semi-sheer iridescent fabric that is woven with high-twist yarns. This gives it a stiff character and makes it suitable for blouses or evening dresses, often in combination with non-transparent silk fabrics.


stands for a feather-light, veil-like fabric with a light drape. It differs from organza in that the yarns used are twisted in the normal way, i.e. not over-twisted. Silk chiffon is therefore not as stiff and is often used for light scarves and shawls, but also for elegant evening dresses and especially in bridal fashion.