The salt garden saga

What does the life of a successful star chef feel like? In the Salt Garden saga, Tabea Bach takes us into the mysterious world of gourmet chefs. Star chef Julia breaks out of this world when she discovers an enchanted finca in the middle of the Atlantic on the island of La Palma. Can she fulfill her long-cherished dream of having her own restaurant by the sea? The place seems perfect, especially as the salt garden of the attractive Álvaro lies at the foot of the cliff. But old walls conceal old secrets, the discovery of which gets Julia into serious trouble. Tabea Bach's salt garden saga is another international bestseller that has also been enthusiastically received in Central and South America.

Volume 1

Sun over the salt garden

Julia, a successful but stressed star chef, actually only wants to accompany her nephew to the Canary Island of La Palma for a short time. But then she discovers an old finca overlooking a wild and romantic bay that immediately enchants her. Could she fulfill her dream of opening a small restaurant by the sea here? It seems to fit perfectly that at the foot of the cliff is a salt garden run in the family tradition by the attractive Álvaro. Julia falls in love at first sight...

Volume 2

Sky over the salt garden

Julia and Álvaro are happy together. The traditional salt garden with its exquisite sea salt is successful. Julia's small restaurant is becoming increasingly popular. Everything could be so nice if it weren't for Jens, Julia's brother and father of her godson Emil, who wanted to open a diving center for tourists nearby. Jens' plan involves blowing up some underwater rocks to give him access to more diving sites. But this blasting would endanger the entire ecosystem on this stretch of coast - and of course the salt garden too.

Volume 3

Stars above the salt garden

Julia is completely at home in her new life, and the islanders are also reconciled with her. But not with her brother Jens, who has now turned his tourist activities to the island's volcanoes: He offers trekking tours to the craters. However, not all of them are completely extinct and there are repeated warnings from the authorities to avoid these regions.

This worries Julia just as much as the fact that Naira is apparently doing everything she can to win Álvaro over after all. When one of the volcanoes actually threatens to erupt again, events come thick and fast and Julia is faced with major challenges ...

Volume 4

Christmas magic in the salt garden

Preparations for Christmas are in full swing at the Mesón Flor de Sal restaurant. Unexpectedly, Belisario, Álvaro's father, who has not been back to La Palma for more than thirty years, arrives shortly before the holidays. Back then, he lost the finca to Marcos in the game and brought a lot of grief to his family. While Álvaro's emotions are on a rollercoaster, Julia tries to remain confident. But then it turns out that Belisario has not simply come out of longing for his family. Christmas takes a different turn than Julia had planned. And yet, in the end, the magic and power of this celebration of love triumphs.