From 28.03.2024

The Rosewood Saga

Eagerly awaited by her fans: The first volume of the new saga "The Rosewood Villa" by Tabea Bach. This time, the bestselling author takes her readers to Ticino. Elisa, once a celebrated musician, actually just wants to visit her grandfather. But a small instrument factory awakens her repressed longing for her former life with music. Why is it so important to her grandfather that she gives in to this longing? And how should she deal with these two dissimilar brothers, who cultivate the long tradition of instrument making in the rosewood villa, but suddenly only have eyes for her?

Volume 1 / From 28.03.2024

The rosewood villa

Elisa travels to Ticino to support her sick grandfather. However, the odd and stubborn Niklas doesn't make it easy for his granddaughter. But the magic of the region makes it easier for her to settle in. She can finally relax by the deep blue, palm-fringed lakes at the foot of the Alps. She stumbles across a small but exquisite instrument factory, which awakens in her a longing for her former childhood dream of becoming a musician. The manufactory is run by two dissimilar brothers who want to continue their family's long tradition of instrument making. But their differing views make this difficult - as does the fact that both men develop feelings for Elisa ...

Volume 2 / From 28.06.2024

The promise of the rosewood villa

Elisa and Danilo have found each other. Fabio, however, still has strong feelings for Elisa. When he finds out about a long-kept family secret, he makes a decision that shakes the instrument factory to the core. For Elisa, on the other hand, things fall into place after her grandfather reveals the secret. She begins to support Danilo in the workshop. Working with wood gives her a deep sense of calm. And more and more often she plays the cello campanula, whose gentle sounds do her good. But then something happens that changes everything ...

Volume 3 / From 28.02.2025

Decision in the rosewood villa

The new year begins with good news for Elisa, Danilo and everyone else at the Ticino instrument factory: Fabio is returning. All the arguments and misunderstandings seem to have been resolved. But no one has reckoned with what Niklas has decreed in his will ...

Meanwhile, Elisa has her hands full as more guests arrive at the rosewood villa. And each one presents her with a challenge. The question of whether she really wants to make music her purpose in life again becomes more and more pressing. Is a comeback possible after all these years? And how would that change her life and her relationship?

Christmas special / from September 27, 2024

Christmas in the Rosewood Villa

Christmas is just around the corner and, unusually for Ticino, it has been raining cats and dogs for days. Elisa has had the rosewood villa converted into a place of rest for sick musicians from all over the world. And the very first guest has already arrived before the holidays: Adrien Dufois of all people, Elisa's former rival ...

As if that wasn't difficult enough, everyone is also missing Amadou, who has returned to Senegal, and Fabio, who is still in Cremona. To conjure up the Christmas spirit despite everything, Danilo, Elisa and little Mimi travel to a mountain village in Ticino, where a number of events suddenly cause excitement, but also a Christmas miracle ...

When sound is hidden in wood

There are woods that are completely unsuitable for instrument making. And others that connoisseurs refer to as "singing woods". They usually come from slow-growing trees that have extremely thin annual rings and whose wood is therefore very hard and elastic.


The material from which many stringed instruments are made comes primarily from the mountainous regions of southern Europe. When sycamore maple is professionally sawn, the so-called "flaming" appears, the alternation between light and dark in stripes that is so typical of stringed instruments.


This wood has a beautiful grain in the color of roses, which gave it its name. It is a type of rosewood from which flutes are made and which is used in guitar and lute making. The vibrational properties of this attractive wood are excellent and it also exudes a delicate scent of roses.

Hazel spruce

The great violin maker Stradivari already used this variant of spruce for his instruments. This type of wood has a much greater elasticity than conventional spruce wood due to its crossed fibers.
conventional spruce wood. Hazel spruce is very rare and correspondingly valuable.


This deep black wood is extremely heavy and hard. In string instrument making, it is used for the fingerboard, as this is subjected to a great deal of stress when playing. It is also used in bow making

Peter Hornsteiner
ca. 1790
Nicolas Vuillaume
ca. 1830
Nicolò Gagliano
ca. 1760
Giuseppe Gagliano
ca. 1780