The Camellia Island saga

The Camellia Island saga is a world bestseller! When Sylvia unexpectedly inherits a camellia nursery in Brittany, her life is turned upside down - especially when she falls in love on Camellia Island. Should she dare to make a new start? Tabea Bach tells the story of how it's never too late to live your dream in this captivating saga about love and disappointment, loss and happiness in the intoxicating setting of a Brittany camellia nursery, much to the delight of her international readership.

Volume 1

The camellia island

Sylvia is well off, but she is not happy in her busy life and seemingly perfect marriage. When she inherits a camellia island in Brittany, she leaves Munich behind. But Sylvia's financially savvy husband has already put the island up for sale. So the people at the camellia nursery are not on good terms with the unknown heiress. Captivated by the magic of the island and touched by the warmth of the people, Sylvia does not reveal her identity. When she falls in love with Maël, who works as a gardener on the island, her situation becomes even more complicated ...

Volume 2

The women of Camellia Island

After a lavish wedding party on Camellia Island, Sylvia and Maël wish - so far in vain - to have a child. Suddenly, Maël's former great love Chloé appears at the door with her seven-year-old son, whom she introduces as Maël's child to everyone's surprise. But that's not all: Chloé wants to win Maël back. Can Sylvia fight for the love of her life without coming between father and son? And then the camellia nursery is threatened with closure, a danger that Sylvia and Maël can only avert together.

Volume 3

Returning home to Camellia Island

Sylvia and Maël are expecting the birth of their long-awaited child. Then Maël's family past catches up with him: his mother, with whom he has had no contact for almost 30 years, has fallen seriously ill. Although Sylvia has a bad feeling, Maël leaves. Shortly afterwards, a devastating storm surge rages along the coast of Brittany. Camellia Island suffers serious damage and Sylvia is involved in a dangerous accident ...

Volume 4

Winter love on Camellia Island

Thirty years ago, Rozenn met the charming Maart at the traditional Breton celebration of Epiphany. A fierce winter storm trapped the party on Camellia Island for three days. During this enchanted time, Rozenn and Maart fell madly in love. But Maart was already bound. Thirty years later, when another January storm rages on the coast, the two meet again ...

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