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Mirror bestseller

The Rosewood Saga

"Five out of five stars! A wonderful novel that makes you forget everything around you. Fantastically beautiful!" Bookmark13

The first volume of the saga about the rosewood villa in Ticino landed at number 18 on the Spiegel Online bestseller list as soon as it was published! Volume 2 will be in bookstores on June 28!

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Soon the time will come

... and the wait is over. The second volume of the saga about Elisa, Danilo, Fabio and everyone else at the Rosewood Villa in beautiful Ticino will be published on June 28, 2024.

Which of the two Fasetti brothers will Elisa ultimately give her heart to? What is Niklas Eschbach's secret? What is Mariella desperate to find out?

The second volume is about a momentous promise, old wounds and the healing power of music. And, of course, love.

The books by Tabea Bach

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From March 2024

The Rosewood Villa saga

The start of a captivating series about lifelong dreams, love and a family of instrument makers in Ticino.

The salt garden saga

Captivating entertainment set against the magnificent backdrop of the Canary Islands. A wonderful saga about love and solidarity, a big dream and a traditional salt garden on the Atlantic.

The Silk Villa saga

A dreamlike saga set against a magnificent Italian backdrop. A captivating story about courage and hope, doubt and love and a silk weaving mill in Veneto!

The Camellia Island saga

Great entertainment set against the beautiful Breton coast. A captivating saga about love and disappointment, loss and happiness and a camellia nursery in Brittany.

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